Keep Rooted

What do we mean keep rooted? What we love, and our customers love the most is that everything we do has roots. Roots in the community, roots in the ground, and roots on every plant design that goes out the door.

Even our wedding bouquets are created to be planted after the ceremony.
Baby luau & event centerpieces, new baby, simple sentiments for all occasions are all created to be planted and carry the sentiment for years ahead and root your memories.

Representing memories, love, health, well being, kindness, appreciation, birth, relationships that keep building and growing.

Maui Plant Delivery, Lehua's Forest and 808 Floral represent the future, strength and a sentiments that represent growth and support, lasting impression and heal hearts and our environment.

Every Order Supports Small Family Owned & Operated Businesses and Maui Farmers.10% of every order goes directly to The Lehua Foundation™, a financial and housing support service for low income elders. This is very important work for us. 

We also offer home staging, plant designs and servicing for residential and commercial companies as well.

Know your roots, plant for the future, root memories, support communities, Elders, farmers, each other.