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Maui Lehua Floral ~ Living Arrangements

Crown Flower - Puakalaunu ~ Queen Liliuokalani's favorite

Crown Flower - Puakalaunu ~ Queen Liliuokalani's favorite

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Excellent for Leis or Home or Garden Decoration

The stylish Crown Flower (Puakalaunu) was Hawaiiian Queen Liliuokalani's favorite. The enduring blossom was thought to resemble the royal crown, thus, its American namesake.

Crown flower is also the host plant for the monarch butterfly, whose caterpillars gobble up the thick and woolly leaves.

The ancient tradition of the crown as a reward for triumph. ... Flower crowns were also worn for festivities and celebrations, much like they are today; they were customary at events such as sacrifices to Gods and feasts.
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