Farm Plans | Artists Rendering | Interior & Exterior | Commercial & Residential Plant Design, Rent, Purchase, Installation. Convention/Event Staging Install and removal & Servicing, Rent or Purchase

Our team of designers and licensed architects will walk you through the process.
From planning just for fun to county plant submission. 

Looking for a keep sake not just a striaght lined farm plan? Have one of our talented Artists create a digital or hand drawn/painted Artist Rendering of your project. Whether a dream, goal or work in progress put your ideas in to
color and keep as a memorabilia.
Our mission is to lift people's mood and make communities and homes more beautiful places to live and work.

From a lush jungle theme designs to simple and zen. Plantscapes for all events.

Rentals or purchases available. Island wide delivery and installation available.
Convention/Event Staging Install and removal


We handle installation and ongoing maintenance of all living plants. We also proactively replace any plants that don’t meet our standards at no charge to you so that your space always looks great.

Interior & Exterior | Commercial & Residential
Convention/Event Staging Install and removal
Plant Design, Installation & Service
Staging and Rentals also available.


Contact us for a quote. Email or call/text 808-707-4642

Fresh Flowers & Live Plants for Personal Door to Door Delivery,
Lobby's, Offices, Home & Events. Plant installation & Services,  
Exterior Container Plantings, Interior Plants Home & Commercial, Service & Care.
Hotels. Retail Shops, Restaurants,   Businesses, Home and Offices.

Interior & Exterior Plant Service & Design:

We installs fresh, beautiful, on-trend greenery and plants in Entry ways, exteriors,  lobbies, stores, clubrooms, restrooms, changing rooms, hallways...any nook or cranny that needs a breath of fresh air! Our services range from traditional floor plants to artisan medleys.

Begin the process by sharing a brief description, measurements and photos of the space you would like blasted with our green thumb below. Alternatively, you can email this information to or your account manager.

Born and Raised in Hawaii we are a locally owned business and leading provider of interiorscape services.


We focus on making your property stand out.


Our friendly, uniformed technicians are trained in horticultural care and receive background checks before they visit your property.

Lehua's Forest Plantscapes has worked with commercial properties to create beautiful, distinctive spaces. Our purpose is to use biophilic design to infuse a property with a strong sense of place and character. By pairing expert horticultural and design capabilities with customer service and professionalism, we’ve become a leading provider plant and floral scapes in Hawaii.

We look forward to enriching your space and earning your trust through consistent, professional service.

We design, install, and maintain interior and exterior plants, as well as Holiday Decor/Christmas Trees. For more information, contact is at 808-707-4642 or

Creating a healthy, vibrant space that attracts workers and guests.


Employees state that office design affects their decision to work at a company. After natural light, live indoor plants represent the most wanted elements in the office. Leaving happier cusomters and guests in home /estate designs as well.

Plants elevate your space by providing both tangible and intangible benefits:

  • Higher levels of well-being, productivity and creativity
  • Better air quality
  • Improved property aesthetics and a softer, more welcoming design
  • Signals a commitment to a fresh, healthy environment
  • Lift you mood and vibration with color, warmth and trusting feel.
  • Cut cost on flower arrangement with a long lasting living arrangement
  • Research shows that consumers are likely to buy more merchandise at prices up to 25% more in stores with natural vegetation.
  • Biophilic design improved test scores in students by 15 to 18%.
  • Plants filter toxins out of the air, regulate humidity and absorb sounds to control noise levels.

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