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Rare Hawaiian Black Velvet Pearl

Rare Hawaiian Black Velvet Pearl

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Rare Hawaiian Black Velvet Pearl ~ Its stunningly ornamental

1 gallon pot

Majidea zangueberica is a small tree growing to 16 feet high. This very ornamental small tree has shiny foliage with an attractive rounded canopy, making it very suitable for small tropical gardens or a container plant in cooler climates. They are hardy only in frost-free zones, otherwise they can make a rare and unique houseplant as they are smaller when container grown. It blooms with dense clusters of small green-red, fragrant flowers at the end. The fruit splits open, showing the bright red interior, with three spherical, velvety blue-black seeds. The seeds are often used in artisan jewelry and the dried pods in flower arrangements.

Mgambo has been used to treat fever, wound infections and intestinal disorders in traditional medicine as the pods and leaves have antibacterial properties.
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