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Mini Maui Rainforest Organic Succulent Zen

Mini Maui Rainforest Organic Succulent Zen

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These labor intensive masterpieces our own unique rendition of Kokedama.
Made with Fresh Maui Grown Moss, harvested at time of order. Organic, Pesticide Free.

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Each dressed with crystal hearts, live pele's hair moss (Spanish moss) and native fern and your personal plant choice as the main feature. These are available as mini's and extra large landscaping sizes as well.

These works of Art are made with moss grown in a place we call Fairyland where the trees talk and magic is in the air, here on Maui, deep in the tropical jungle.

About the moss: We grow this is our gardens and when needed our designers hike deep in to the jungle to harvest. Never any pesticides or dyes used ever.

Please allow a few days from time of order.

Choose your plant type. We love custom orders. Contact us for with special requests.

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